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22.11. Meditation and prayer

In an idealistic, abstract world, meditation and prayer play an important role.

Meditation is to silence the Ego and instead «listen to the stalk», the intuition, and thus gain direct experience with the «true», the Collective interpretation, the consensus reality.

Right now, I use spiritual terminology, but I hope you see that it's not in conflict with the more scientific material in this book. I have explained the whole chain from the idea of a point, via hardcore physics, to the dissociated Ego. We're now trying to remove the Ego in an attempt to experience what's behind it – its origin, the Experiencer.

Meditation is a private thing, a movement away from the Ego and into the Collective.

Prayer is the opposite, an attempt to influence the Collective, to contribute private thoughts to the universal Thought of the Experiencer.

Humans have recognised the power of prayer for millennia.

We have always believed and often experienced that it works. But it should be safe to say that we have not understood why it works, not in a scientific sense.

How will science explain prayer? They can't. Idealism can. Is not this yet another indication that idealism is correct?

Okay, now I'll try to give you an explanation.

Prayer works because all of us «puppets» can freely mix our thoughts into the existing, the Collective – and disrupt the predetermined dynamics through that. Prayer works because the thought doing the prayer is the same one Thought that is everything.

«God» and you just think a little differently about things.

Prayer becomes more potent when many join in the same thoughts together. The same goes for «faith.» When many believe the same thing, a strong mental attractor is formed, affecting everything, including the Collective. Normalisation and masking of alternative notions occur.

The complexity dynamics and the fact that the Thought is one makes faith and prayer work.

Faith can thus actually move mountains, but an extreme mental «will» is required. In our perceived world, it's, in practice, impossible.

Meditation is listening to your core self and laying aside the Ego. Prayer is influencing the Collective, creating changes in the deterministic interpretation of the Pattern – that which I call the Source interpretation.

Based on this, some questions arise:

Is what I'm doing of any importance?

Yes, because you can be the butterfly that changes everything.

It all starts with a single event.

Moreover, with your Ego's free will, you can choose to redefine something in the Collective, for better or worse. You have the power to do it, but you have to understand how it works, and it takes a lot of willpower.

That does not mean you invent anything new; you only make other choices in the Pattern – against the collective attractors. The Pattern is still there, unaffected. It's the interpretation of the Pattern that can be affected, that which I call the Source and the Collective. And it is the collective consensus interpretation that we experience – that makes up the world we see in our minds before the Ego starts distorting.

Personally, I walk around all day pushing a little here, pulling something away there.

I see myself as a catalyst, a «silent dynamics-worker», and I have done so since I was young. A catalyst helps in a process without itself being part of it. The term comes from chemistry.

For example, a catalyst in a car's exhaust system will ensure that the combustion is more complete and the emissions less. But the catalyst does not burn away, is not consumed; it just sits there and contributes.

Why do I mention this?

Let me again point out this quality we humans have that we do not always fully understand, namely intuition. I listed many different types and then said I have also registered another type of intuitive certainty that is not mentioned so often, the feeling that things are connected over long periods of time.

I look back on events in my life and understand in retrospect how they are connected. I see that one led to the other and that it was meaning, a purpose, a goal under development long before I became aware of it.

Do you understand where I'm going?

This predestined path is in the Collective. It is the threads that hold the puppet in place and guide it through the life story. We can not see it while it is happening because we still have events ahead of us that have not yet been experienced, but we see it clearly in retrospect.

A path was laid.

You now know why it is so.

Trust your knowledge.