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22.10. How should one live?

Personally, I find great comfort in knowing that the world is mainly deterministically governed because it frees me from an incredible amount of responsibility. There is nothing I must do other than be myself.

Everything is a notion, like a theatre play or movie. Sit back and accept what comes. Watch without judging. Next time, look excitedly at what presents itself and approach it freely and confidently.

It appears in front of you because it was meant to be; it had to come; it's the result of complex dynamics beyond comprehension. So don't be afraid, do not react against it – because your ideas and perceptions are only delusions.

There is nothing to fear. Not really. If you die, you don't die. Death is a change of perspective away from your – insane – dissociation. You exist forever. I've seen glimpses of it.

Instead, respond naturally and directly, without further analysis and judgement, as a dog or a child would. Don't mix in your roles because that is never the correct answer; roles are exclusively private constructions.

If you insist on your private interpretations and override the predetermined Source, and maybe confront others notions as well – it might end in noise, conflict and possibly chaos. And you will feel bad, one way or the other. You are not true to yourself.

We should not trespass into other people's domains.

Let it be. Walk away, if necessary.

Forgive. Or rather, don't think about it. Don't think about anything! Be without analytical thought. For some of us, that's extremely difficult to master. The trick is not to master, not to try anything but simply let it be.

A practical tip would be to focus on the beauty of everything. And to help you get started, watch the colours! Seek them out. Look how bright they are!

The world takes care of itself according to the universal, collective, mostly deterministic understanding. Don't oppose it. If you have a function to fulfil in a specific situation, you will act naturally – without cognitive analysis and stress.

Stay cool.

Work on your awareness instead.

Increase your «varhet» – sensitivity. Be humble towards others, but insist on your right to be yourself. Never compromise on that.

Learn that you need nobody else because you are already the one.

All are. Meet with that in mind. Tell them. Go into it together.

And don't listen to me.

I'm in no position to tell you anything. Nobody is but you.

Living authentically is incredibly much easier than living with a big Ego and many roles.

It's liberatingly easy!

Everything in our society – yourself included – must be simplified; everything becomes better, cleaner, truer when it is simplified, forgiven, abandoned – so much that what remains is the core, the essence, the true function. Einstein said it: «Simplify as much as possible, but not more».

He spoke about physical formulas and theories, but I imagine he also meant something more profound. Einstein was a wise man.

Our Ego creates an incredible amount of clutter. Fighting and fixing are «unnatural». Do not look outwards; instead, look inwards. To meditate means to get to know one's authentic self – and behind it, the Experiencer, God, if you like.

How easy life can be!
Reality is simply the loss of Ego
Destroy the Ego by seeking its identity.
Because the Ego is no entity,
it will automatically vanish,
and reality will shine forth by itself.
Ramana Maharshi, Indian Hindu sage (1879-1950)
The greatest sense of freedom
comes when our actions flow
directly from feelings.
Teal Swan