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15.1. The three-dimensional space

The notion of three-dimensional space emerges from the idea of a few copies of «something» – of necessity.

This has happened: the Experiencer has imagined «something» and has interpreted it as, for example, a «point». It's the only thing it knows.

The only next thing that is then possible to create is the notion of another point. What else? The Experiencer only knows this one, the point. The miracle that something arises from nothing happens – probably – not twice, at least not immediately after each other?

We can be wrong here, but let us assume it is so.

The room has then immediately become two-dimensional. Between the two points, there is nothing, but at the same time, this «nothing» has its existence. In that sense, «nothing» is actually «something», that which is «in-between».

It is something completely new. The Experiencer has never experienced anything like this before.

The Experiencer interprets this as the concept of «distance».

Why exactly distance?

We know that because if you see two points and I ask you what you call that which is between the points, you will answer distance. We will all answer the same. Distance is a convention we all share. We need to look no further in a world where everything is mental notions.

You, too, experience distances. You «feel» distance; it's a sensation, a perceived quality.

The Experiencer thus has the ability that it can also experience the quality of everything imagined.

Since quality is a word with many meanings, one has made one for just this; qualia.

Qualia is the yellow in yellow, the musical in music, the poetic in poetry, the ridiculous in humour, the brightness in light, the coldness in the cold, the speediness in motion, the experience of distance in geometric notions, the melancholy, happy, angry etc.

These experiences do not come from nothing.

They are the experience of the mental, logical, analytical processes you run continuously, with a bandwidth of 100 Gbit per second.

We are not quite there yet; we are still at the universe's birth.

More points emerge at the same «distance» to the existing points because the Experiencer initially knows only one distance.

The distances occur in different directions and three dimensions. This is again a fact we must draw from nature and the conventions we all share.

The Experiencer observes the scattering of points in three dimensions, conceptualises «directions» and «dimensions». It also experiences these directions and dimensions as qualia, just as you and I experience three dimensions and all possible directions.

The Experiencer learns quickly. Infinitely fast, for time does not yet exist.