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15. Creation and emergence

Now it's breaking loose! We have an experiencing spirit, just as you are an experiencing spirit. The fact that spirits experience things is, therefore, nothing mysterious. We also have an idea of change/energy, and we have two fundamental mechanisms; emergence and complexity dynamics.

From this starting point, I try to explain the creation of the entire universe. It succeeds pretty well, I feel. In fact, I'm a little surprised at how easily this «came to me».

I sat in the main canteen at the University of Oslo (where Alma appeared) and wrote for a few weeks. There were some strange days; I was in a flow. I understood that I understood, the knowledge was available for harvesting.

You will have to stop many times while reading the following pages. I explain how the emergent development of mental, abstract concepts can become all the central phenomena in physics: space, time, particles, gravity, etc.
Let's go back to the beginning, which was the idea of a «point». From this, the whole world shall be created – induced – through emergence and complexity dynamics.

By «world» is meant everything, absolutely everything: the universe, all that the sciences can describe, and also everything that seems to be in another sphere, such as religion and the concept of «meaning», just to take two examples.

The only thing that does not arise is the Experiencer, which is an eternal (we'll come back to that), indivisible, active, alert isness. It is fundamental. That is our axiom.

Now we're going to do a thought experiment.

The challenge we face is to create the notion of an entire universe from nothing, or rather, from the very least imaginable, a «something», which I have chosen to call the concept and experience of a «point».

We must assume that the Experiencer does not create at random. If it now comes up with something completely different – «something 2», «something 3», «something 4», etc., an extremely complex situation will arise very quickly. Moreover, the Experiencer would then have been genuinely creative (creating from nothing) several times in a row, which is highly unlikely.

It is difficult to see how a well-organised universe can emerge from building blocks that are all different. Nature is not like that. On the contrary, we observe repetitions everywhere – of shapes but also components, such as the elementary particles that are the same everywhere, we assume.

So an identical point is created, yet another point, etc. Through this, something more emerges.

The second point, in conjunction with the first, creates an impression of point 1 plus point 2 forming a geometrical shape, which in itself requires interpretation.

A third point will, in conjunction with the two existing points and the conceived geometrical shape, form yet something else.

It probably sounds abstract, just words. I shall be concrete.

We shall see what actually happened or may have happened. We will see if it is possible to create the notions of distances, space, time, motion, mass, gravity and acceleration – just from a single glimpse, the experience of the primordial «something», the «point».

It may have happened in countless ways. The further we get into the train of thought, the more alternative paths open up. So I say that what is coming now is not necessarily the only possible explanation.

On the contrary, it is almost certain that something here is incorrectly conceived.

The purpose is not to identify the exact events but to demonstrate the overall mechanism.

I invite you to fantasise.

You are also an Experiencer, and you, too, create notions – many more than you realise. Science estimate that the brain processes approx. 100 billion bits, or 100 Gigabits, per second.

For what is this capacity used?

It has been found that all the signals that go from the body and into the brain (today's prevailing, reversed theory) only constitute a data stream of approx. 11 Mbit per second, i.e. one ten-thousandth of the total capacity.

Sight uses 10 Mbit per second, sensing through the skin requires 1 Mbit per second, hearing and the sense of smell use 0.1 Mbit per second each, and taste has been assigned a lousy 0.001 Mbit per second.

I must emphasise that the brain does not «receive» anything; it «generates» – because in our mental worldview, everything is reversed. I keep coming back to this.

99.999 per cent of everything that takes place in the brain thus takes place – in the brain, by itself, independent of «the external world». The brain has plenty of capacity to imagine, construct, synthesise everything you experience and more.

It has the power to fantasise wildly!

You use this fantasy generator to create your world experience for yourself.

In an idealistic world, this is the only method we have available. We have to explain everything with mental processes, thought, imagination.

The task is not to be correct in all details. It is to show that it can be done, that it is possible to create a universe with experience as the only basis.

Later, researchers, philosophers and others with doctoral degrees can discuss the most logical, probable and necessary components and functions. In this lies the raw material for several studies, theorising and discussions.

Let's get started. Let's create a world out of nothing!