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21.5. The Experiencer and you

So what's the difference between the Experiencer and you?

The difference is that you experience the body as yours, as you. It's an illusion, something you imagine.

How did you get this notion? At the same time, how did you forget what you really are, namely the universal Experiencer who knows everything, experiences everything, is everything?

We are a separate, tiny little part of unlimited, universal consciousness. We are the ability to experience and think. That is what we «are», a consciousness that believes itself to be something.

At the same time, as we become preoccupied with this new, we forget the old. All focus is on what happens in, with and around the zygote, which develops slowly and calmly into a fetus.

Then the baby was born, and it was an extreme, frightening experience. It created an enormous need to find a safe interpretation of the incident. Everything new must be understood.

As always, the child's mental focus is on everything new – because registering, understanding and experiencing changes is what it does. It is on intense guard; the «varhet» – vigilance – is total and permanent.

The child, i.e. the consciousness that experiences being a child, is not preoccupied with things it already knows, old knowledge from before it came into space and time – from it was in the universal Experiencer and nothing separate. This knowledge does not change. It requires no attention, is not in focus.