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21.4. A child is born

So how does a human being come to be?

You were conceived by merging two gametes into one cell that evolved to become you. That happened in the collective space and time, in the reality that surrounds us all – in the world, to put it in a common word.

The world is an abstract notion and a subsequent experience of qualia that the universal Experiencer has. Everything that happens in the world thus occurs in the Experiencer's mind.

The Experiencer imagines this first combined cell, the zygote.

Because there is only one consciousness, and this one consciousness is everything – and because you too are and have this consciousness – then you and everyone else have full access to look at the new creature in the form of a zygote in a particular place at a specific time.

You, who stand and look at it through a microscope, do not experience what it is like to be the zygote because you are already fully occupied with experiencing yourself.

You cannot be two things at once.

Yes, you can dissociate, take on different roles. You can imagine that you are different from what you were a few minutes ago. Now you are the goalkeeper on the handball team; a moment ago, you were the mother who said goodbye to your daughter.

You still experience being «yourself» all the time, but you can dissociate into different roles, which are still within the framework of «you» as body and existence.

The universal Experiencer has it the same way, of course, for anything else is impossible. The Experiencer dissociates. The Experiencer imagines things within itself and tries to understand what it is.
  • The Experiencer imagines a zygote. It is an idea it has created within itself. The Experiencer also experiences what it is like to be the zygote.
  • You imagine being a goalkeeper. It's an idea you've created inside yourself. You also experience what it is like to be this goalkeeper.
The mechanism is identical.

So vivid can the goalkeeper in you become that if you continue to be a goalkeeper around the clock, just stay on handball courts, and only meet handball players – you will gradually forget that you are a mother, project manager at work and grandma's granddaughter. You are now the handball star.

It happens in hypnosis. It happens in psychosis. It happens through trauma. You single out a personality, a role, a notion of yourself that is appropriate.

Suppose reality is too brutal to deal with, impossible to integrate into who you think you are. In extreme situations, you can create new versions of yourself.

You dissociate completely.

When things calm down again, when the finale of the important handball tournament is won, you realise again that you are a mother and must pick up your child as soon as possible. You can sometimes dissociate but simultaneously have a stable «understanding of reality». We can say that, in a way, you again wake up to who you really are, the primary understanding of yourself.

The formation of a zygote is a dissociation, not in you but the universal Experiencer.

It is something new that does not already exist as part of something else. It must be interpreted, understood and experienced as something of its own, as something in itself. It is a higher emergent experience that has not yet been interpreted.

How can the Experiencer know that this particular small cell is something new?

The zygote has aberrant DNA, half from the mother and the rest from the father. This cell is not equal to the mother's other cells or any cells the Experiencer has ever known at that time and space.

Does the Experiencer have an overview of DNA and everything?


The Experiencer has created the notion of every little detail in the universe. The universal consciousness also experiences what it is like to be every little detail.

Consciousness interprets the mental Pattern of time, space, particles, etc. – gives it meaning, understands it, forms abstract notions of what it is – and experiences it as qualia; something physical.

The universal consciousness is not an observer on the outside of the universe. It's the other way around. The universe is a notion in consciousness. For consciousness to experience the universe, it must experience the individual perceptions in themselves; in every tiny point.

The consciousness, the notions and the experiencing of qualia are the same. There is no distance, no separation between these phenomena. Everything is one.

Subject and object are the same because the notion of and experience of an object is in the subject. To imagine something and experience something are fundamentally the same.

Everything is subjective; everything is experience.

The imagined objects of consciousness are experienced as themselves.

When the universal consciousness interprets a large and highly complex part of the pattern to be a human being, the Experiencer experiences being this human being.

The zygote thus experiences being something for itself, something of its own, something hitherto unknown that must be understood and experienced.

The fetus develops in the mother's womb during the first nine months. It happens slowly and hopefully without dramatic events. New cells are formed and integrated into an understanding that they are «more of the same».

Accumulations of cells become organs. That also happens slowly. The fetus does not yet use its lungs for breathing or its legs to walk, so they have no radical, new function for the fetus - yet. In this way, they can also be «normalised».

Then the child is born.

It is a massive trauma. Everything is suddenly new – the air, the sights, the sounds, etc.

The result is bound to be a dissociation, an attempt to understand what is going on and integrate it into an overall understanding that feels safe. Things that are understood – «normalised», are no longer dangerous.

We are all intensely concerned with being safe, continuously from the time we are an ignorant zygote until we draw our last breath.

Just when you see the light of day for the first time, it is impossible to integrate the event into something familiar; the insecurity is total.

Life is ... a terrifying experience.

Is it any wonder babies scream when they are born?