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20.3. Goodbye to the paradoxes

If you are now confused, you are in good company.

What we are facing is a solid circle definition.

The only logically possible solution to a definition that feeds back into itself is that everything is the same. Nothing can go in a circle because nothing is separate or different from anything else.

The thought and the thinking are the same.

The experience and the Experiencer are the same.

It's self-evident. Logically and philosophically obvious, but not intuitively obvious to us who are in the middle of it.

We do not see it clearly because we are this thought that thinks. We are inside the circle, and we are the circle.


The answer is that everything is one and that we must understand our perspective correctly.

From our perspective, we experience everything possible: many events, things, emotions, and thoughts. It appears as something concrete, abstract or subjective. All at once, split into seemingly essentially different categories. In myriads of seemingly separate objects. In an unknown number of subjective, personal experiences. In an infinite range of emotions and qualia.

But everything is one.

Everything is the same.

Everything is experience, qualia.

Unsolvable problems can not exist.

It is simply impossible because the experience of the world and yourself can not survive if it all does not go together. Everything is connected. There is one system. Everything is one.

Yes, we experience logical circles.

We experience self-reinforcement, that theoretical interpretations feed back into themselves and become impossible paradoxes.

We experience feedback loops that amplify processes so that they go towards infinity.

But everything is one.

The paradoxes lie within this one.

They appear when one is split into parts held up against each other.

The fact that everywhere in mathematics and nature, we find cycles that tend towards infinity clearly signals that «infinity» is the origin of it all.

The one that is everything is infinite. It must be infinite because everything we know evolves towards either nothing, zero, total non-being – or towards something infinitely large – or towards the number 1, one, which is also often the case.

None of these processes we observe from our position inside the circle, inside the world, ever reach their endpoint. It is impossible because they are separated from this endpoint.

They are defined and acquired their existence from the fact that they are apparently something other than the one.

Everything in the world has arisen and arises continuously through division, splitting, contrasts, relationships.

A split is a change – energy.

Splitting creates more division because everything that changes make up something new – that must again be interpreted and experienced.

It's emergence, and it's the function of the Experiencer, a necessary consequence of change.

The fragmentation goes on forever, almost.