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13.1. The Experiencer

The simplest thing imaginable is being – pure «isness».

It is existence without any properties and content. It is complete calmness and no-thing-ness. Nothing happens. It is in itself.

Remember, this is a theory, logic, a postulate, a suggestion.

No one has ever met isness in its basic form, but at the same time, we must all actually be isness, since everything comes from the same thing – which is our axiom.

Pure isness does nothing.

There will be no universe by doing nothing.

We must add a quality, an ability, an activity, a verb, a will.

Something has to happen!

«Isness» is a term we could use further in the story. Isness without any properties and content is total emptiness, void.

In Jewish tradition, this was understood when naming God. They chose a word that is supposedly impossible to pronounce, YHWH – Yahweh.

It should – it has been told and demonstrated to me by Alma in my apartment in 1985 – not be formulated with sound. If one were to try anyway, the closest thing would be like a weak, open breath, the vaguely imaginable, formless, nameless.

In Exodus 3:14, Moses asks for God's name.

He received the answer: «I will prove to be what I will prove to be.»

So incomprehensible and so simple.

Okay, that was a slight derailment.

We were talking about pure, absolute being, which also needs a will, an action, for the world to exist.