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4.2. ACIM

The exception is that there is also a book that conveys these insights. It is unlike any other book, except for the significant religious writings from a few thousand years ago.

This book is the «bible» of our time, but it differs from the Bible in that it is not dogmatic and should never form the basis of organised religion. The rights are managed by a foundation that will ensure this does not happen.

The book is called «A Course in Miracles» (ACIM). If it is unknown to you, I recommend you try to read it. It will take at least a year. The book is supposed to be read slowly, with daily lessons.

You can find it, for free, here: A Course In Miracles.

ACIM is «delivered» by Helen Schucman (born 1909, died 1981), was published in 1975 and is approx. 1330 tightly written pages.

Schucman was a professor of medical psychology at Columbia University in New York from 1958 until her retirement in 1976. She was involved in both clinical practice and research.

According to Schucman, the book is an inner dictation from Christ, i.e. automatic writing, a channelling.

She herself was half Jewish at birth. The family had a Baptist maid who allegedly influenced her in a Christian direction as a child. Schucman visited Lourde in France as a 12-year-old and claims she had a spiritual experience there.

Later in life, she saw herself as an atheist – a non-believer.

ACIM uses Christian terminology.

There is talk of God, the Kingdom of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. The book is still not Christian. It is obvious to any reader. For non-Christians, it may be disturbing at first, but this obstacle evaporates quickly.

In my understanding, «Christ» can be translated as Universal Consciousness. «Kingdom of God» is the interpretation going on in the Universal Consciousness. «The Holy Spirit» is simply intuition, the direct contact with the underlying, which we talked about earlier.

The book provides, first and foremost, a description of psychological mechanisms detached from dogmatic religion but united with the essentially religious. At the same time, it shows how the core message of all religions is the same and how they can be joined by looking at the world correctly; as something purely mental and spiritual.

I have never read anything so profound.

Something so true.

ACIM is in a different league than almost any other literature.

The exception is religious writings, which are about the same thing but are often polluted by ambiguities and man-made rules – habitual thinking aggregated over the centuries.

The book is not an easy read. It appears cryptic to most people.

Wikipedia says that it has been referred to as «New Age psychobabble» and «a satanic seduction».

In my eyes, ACIM is an intellectual achievement, to the extent that it is impossible to imagine that a single person, professor of psychology or not, could have written it. Read for yourself and judge the statement.

For me, A Course in Miracles made sense. More than that. I found everything I have discovered in my personal spiritual journey in this book. Confirmation upon confirmation. One logical, rational, scientifically sound, psychologically valid explanation after another.

Moreover, it takes the step to the next floor and explains the universe, physics, and biological life … everything … in a collective presentation that is second to none of anything we have previously received from religions.

Ok. Those are big words. I mean it.

But ACIM requires its reader.

To understand, you must be able to take in the text intuitively but at the same time see the conveyed logic. Many people have an ongoing discussion online and elsewhere about how to understand the book. A substantial amount of literature exists about the main work itself.