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21.17. Dissociation in a nutshell

The Experiencer «sees» all sorts of things in the Pattern.

Through emergence, ideas arise about water, earth, fire and air – as the ancient Greeks would say. The Experiencer thinks of all this, has an awareness of all this – and must also experience it all as qualia. To experience and acquire knowledge is still the only thing the Experiencer does.

It experiences until there is nothing more to experience.

The experience of the abstract Pattern is first of space and time. That's how it started for the Experiencer. The first experience was of everything at once, the whole Pattern, The Big Bang, which immediately, in what physics calls the cosmic inflation phase, expanded as space and time – through emergence.

After many billions of years, the Experiencer has arrived at the notion of humans, for example. The Experiencer perceives a human being just as you do when a person stands before you.

The difference is that the Experiencer knows everything about this person, both in the past and future, from all possible perspectives in space, with all details. It's all abstract knowledge.

It must be very different from everything you and I know because we are dissociated consciousness and experience ourselves being at a specific position in space and time. We also experience everything else from this position. We do not have access to the big picture other than through intuition, but those experiences are masked by our hectic egos and are usually very weak.

Do you remember that I talked about Teal Swan and her deep insight in the first part of the book?

I drew your attention to a particular sentence, namely this:
«Oneness» is actually the ego of source itself.
Now we are in a position to understand it. Ego is not something particular to humans. Ego is to be what you are, yourself – whether you are a fish, a human, a refrigerator or a mountain.
  • You experience yourself as a human being.
  • The Experiencer experiences itself as a universe.
It must, therefore, feel like something to be a universe, but from our perspective, we have no opportunity to know what it's like.

Teal's point is precisely this. The universe as a whole, as a unit, also has an experience of being itself, its own Ego.

The Experiencer thus has a complete overview, but everything is just an infinite abstraction in the process of experiencing itself, which takes time and occurs in space.

The Experiencer continues to experience as long as there is anything to experience. The mechanism of branching emergence creates a constant stream of new notions. The Experiencer must, of necessity, understand what they are and experience what it is like to be all these notions. That is its function.

And here, in the awareness and notion of the Experiencer, at some point in space and time, an unexperienced human being is born!

It is unexperienced because it is an abstract notion, and the Experiencer has not yet experienced what it is like to be this human being. On the other hand, you do. You are the experience to such an extent that you dissociated and started believing in this «being».

To experience being something, one must go into it entirely. That is the same as dissociating, believing in something so much that you experience being it. It's a role.

I used the example with this beach simulator. If you are born into such a simulator, you will think you are on the beach, even if you are not.

So it is with the universe and you. You are born into a «human-simulator» that starts with you experiencing being something extremely simple and small, a zygote. From there, you experience being the development further up to a child who is born, dissociates in the trauma of birth, grows up, lives a life as an adult and finally dies.

That's as far as we have come in our understanding.

The explanation is not yet fully satisfactory; I can hear you thinking. Let's dive further into the Ego.