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21.7. Thinking

Just like the Experiencer, the newborn child can register changes, but from its dissociated perspective. These changes must be interpreted; otherwise, they are meaningless, and nothing more can occur.

This interpretation is the same as «thinking».

You're welcome.

You again got the definition of the phenomenon of thinking, i.e. conscious interpretation of changes.

Also, note that thinking is not the same as consciousness. Thinking is an experience in consciousness. You can test this yourself in practice here and now.

Your thoughts can be stopped quite easily, as follows: Try to imagine, that is, think, what your next thought will be. Focus on this one; make an effort to bring out your next thought.

If you do it right, you will notice that it is impossible. The thought blocks itself. No answer arrives. Instead, you will experience an emptiness, to just be – without thoughts.

What is it that is without thoughts?