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20.5. The existence of you

I suspect your brain cells are a little overworked right now. Good. Give them some rest if you want to. When they are fit again, you are ready for what is to come.

Now, at last, we will begin to understand some of the most challenging things; the existence of you, the subject you, your experience of being a human being – who, at the same time, can think about yourself, understand yourself, and also think about the abstract, universal and eternal.

We still lack the last step, how the universal Experiencer's notion of you can become the experience of being you.

The keywords are perspective, illusion, masking, normalisation, dissociation and the brain.

To understand it all, we can not explain you from the perspective of you. Then we end up in this impossible circle. Instead, we must do as we have done many times before; start with the perspective of the universal Experiencer – and then induce, build the world from there.