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16.13. Dark matter

Another phenomenon in astrophysics may find its explanation through this, namely the «problem» dark matter.

About eighty-five per cent of all mass in the universe is invisible to us. Several astrophysical observations, including gravitational effects, can only be explained by the existence of this mass.

But we cannot find it, even after decades of intense exploration. There is also a lack of sound theories.

Mass is probably a perceived property of all, or at least part of the emergent interpretations that occur through quantities of generations, before the formation of the smallest particles we can observe.

It is not a given that all these «micro-interpretations» manifest themselves as particles of higher emergent order. They can just as likely constitute a soup, foam or mist of something extremely small and, for us, formless that is present everywhere but thus is unobservable due to the highly modest size.

If this is the case, it will probably be a whole flora of different «things» that may have distinct characteristics. It is then useless to look for a specific particle to explain dark matter, as is done today.