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16.6. The universe observes itself

With the photons, the Experiencer has created a visible representation of all changes that occur in the entire universe. In a way, we can say that the Experiencer has developed a method of looking at its creations, looking at itself.

With the photons, the universe has become «visible».

We return to the moment immediately after the inflation phase, precisely where electromagnetism occurs as a concept with its implicit laws.

There are electrically charged atomic nuclei and corresponding oppositely charged electrons. They constantly attract each other, and they fly around wildly.

The atomic nuclei fly around relatively slowly as they are heavy. The mass of the electrons is 1800 times smaller, so they are more mobile. After 18,000 years, they have calmed down so much that they begin to find together and form atoms.

These atoms are constantly «threatened» by a bombardment of free electrons and atomic nuclei that either send in or withdraw electrons from the atom.

Again, we see the term attractor at work.

Electrons are drawn towards the strongest positive charge in the environment. The same applies to ions, i.e. atoms in electrical imbalance. They seek out atoms with opposite imbalances or are prone to absorb or emit electrons.

Electrons can thus jump out from one atom and over to another. They can also jump between different orbits internally in atoms. There can only be a certain number in each «shell» around the atomic nucleus.

In addition, electrons can be shared between atoms so that an electron simultaneously belongs to the outer shell of two adjacent atoms. This is called a valence bond and in this way, atoms are bound together in molecules. The details in this are complicated, but as an illustration, this way of putting it should work.

There are thus constant changes in the electrical state of the atoms everywhere and continuously. For each such change in electrical status, a photon is emitted.


An electron has mass, and a force is needed when it moves. According to classical mechanics, this force always has a counterforce. The same thing happens when you fire a bullet from a rifle. Then you feel the counterforce as a recoil, energy in the opposite direction of the shot.

When electrons change position due to electrical influence, a counterforce, energy, occurs in the form of electromagnetic radiation. That energy is a «photon».

A photon is thus a messenger that there has been a change in the electrical balance somewhere. Such changes occur everywhere where atoms are formed, destroyed or meet, i.e. constantly everywhere in nature.

The photons allow us to «see» all changes.

Let's take a brief summary:
  • First, time and space were conceived (the Planck epoch)
  • Then gravity and mass arise (the grand unification epoch)
  • Next, the universe expands to full size in «zero time» (the inflation phase)
  • Then, heavy particles are formed
  • At the same time, the light was turned on