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16.2. The Planck epoch

The Planck epoch is strikingly similar to the first events in our theory of idealistic emergence.

In cosmology, one operates with two phases also before the violent inflation occurred.

The first is the Planck epoch, which extends from the beginning until it even makes sense to talk about time, namely, at 5.39 x 10-44 seconds. This is the smallest known time interval possible.

Similarly, a minimum theoretical length has been calculated, which is 1.616255 × 10-35 metres.

These minimum quantities are derived from the smallest electric charge observed in nature, that of a single electron. This is called theelementary charge).

The idea is that, in nature, there is a set of theoretical minimum values for most of the fundamental physical units. Physics says that talking about something even smaller does not make sense physically or mathematically.

This way of thinking is identical to our own. The theory of idealistic emergence, too, says that the Experiencer observed and conceptualised a first distance, a first time interval, a first mass, etc.

From these quantities, everything else is derived through emergence.