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15.20. Fields and the Pattern

There is what we call a field, abstract laws about what quantities exist and what forces act in a given place in time and space. Spacetime is part of this field but also contains knowledge about motion, mass and gravity. The field must be given a name, and I choose to call it the Pattern.

This field is an abstraction, something that the Experiencer knows.

The distinction between abstract knowledge and experiences is central to understanding the world.

The world in its abstract form is eternal (almost), infinitely large, deterministic and created entirely in zero time.

Everything in the abstraction arose in an instant. Then nothing new arises, ever.

How is this possible?

Because it is an abstraction. It is all happening in the Experiencer's mind.

In this abstract form, the universe is created from some very simple, abstract laws; the ones I've already described, the ones that make the notions of space, time, motion, mass, attraction etc.

These notions are knowledge in a universal intelligence – in the Experiencer.

The notions of space and time were conceptualised as the first two. Before the experiencing of space and time could begin, the abstract knowledge about the two fundamental concepts was and will always be present «everywhere».

Space and time are universal, abstract, mental «facts» – outside of the experience of space and time.

You have already been given a proposal for how things might work from there, which is in line with what physics tells us – but thought slightly differently.

Our way of thinking is reversed. We have arrived at the laws by inducing, not reducing.

The notion of the Pattern is an abstraction. It occurs to an infinite extent immediately. Either you have this knowledge, or you do not have it.

The Experiencer has absolute and immediate knowledge of what is status, i.e. the values of position, time, motion, mass and gravity, no matter what point in space and time in this colossal structure is observed.

The Experiencer knows everything.

It is called a vector field.

The field is what we call spacetime but also contains something more, namely information about movements, mass and a vital force, the one that creates gravity, acceleration and waves – the attraction between everything that has mass; what we can more generally call the mental law of attractors.

The term attractor also forms the basis for what in spiritual environments is called The Law of Attraction, but the latter works on a completely different level, in daily life – which is not a theme right now. I mention it just so as not to create confusion, or more confusion, depending on how you see it.

As we have seen, the field forms accumulations, irregularities, a structure.

The variations appear in all variants. Some are dense and compact. Other accumulations are more like fog with a faint pattern. Some stand relatively still; others run away. Some vibrate intensely in one place; others follow long cycles that can extend over larger or smaller areas and timespans.

All these variations occur in space and time.

An incredible complexity has arisen. Suddenly, trillions upon trillions of «mental events» appeared – variations in the Pattern. They must all be interpreted and experienced. The Experiencer works like this.

Each of these interpretations will, in turn, constitute the raw material for new interpretations. This process is what we call emergence.

I rub it in.

For lack of a better word, I choose to call this whole abstract, moving, unimaginably complex field, the pattern of events, for ... the Pattern.

What else?

The Pattern is thought.

The experience of the Pattern, on the other hand, is fundamentally different from the abstraction of The Pattern.

We see things in The Pattern like children see things in the clouds.