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15.16. The equivalence principle

We have discovered that acceleration and gravity are conceptually the same.

In the last sub-chapter, I suggested a connection between the concentration of points in the spacetime pattern, the perceived mass of the points, acceleration and gravity. The relationship between the two latter, acceleration and gravity, is well known in physics but is still worth pointing out.

Individual points that fly past a heavy concentration of points are exposed to gravity, a force, energy, which changes the trajectory of the point, i.e. creates acceleration away from the original course.

Acceleration and gravity meet in this concrete situation.

Acceleration is a change in trajectory due to some external energy. It can be any external force, any type of relevant free energy.

Gravity is a change in trajectory resulting from a drag, a force that comes from the combined mass in the accumulations of points.

The effect is the same, and in this situation, they also are the same. The force that affects the moving points comes from the mass of the nearby accumulation – the «attractor» – and results in gravity, which is the same as an acceleration towards the attractor.

Interestingly, we have thus discovered Einstein's principle of equivalence, which states that if we are exposed to acceleration, this is experienced identically to being exposed to gravity.

The classic example goes like this:

Imagine you are in an elevator hanging in an empty room. The elevator begins to move upwards with ever-increasing speed. You experience constant acceleration and feel you are being pushed down against the elevator floor.

Then imagine that you are standing on the surface of the Earth and feel your weight. The force that pulls you to the ground is the gravity caused by the enormous mass of the Earth.

In both situations, the experience is the same. If you are blindfolded and do not know where you are, you will not be able to separate the experiences from each other. They are equivalent.

The most exciting thing is that, as far as I know, physics has no explanation for why the equivalence principle is valid.

In our theory, it appears simply and elegantly.

Also, note that we have formed an idea of what gravity and acceleration are without introducing a separate force field, gravitons or other aids.

Gravity in our presentation is something fundamental that occurs before the notion of particles. Thus, the hunt for the graviton can be cancelled.