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15.3. The circle of perception

An experience requires, as I have already described (annoyingly many times ...?):
  1. Something that experiences, pure being, the Experiencer,
  2. an ability to experience, what I call «varhet», vigilance,
  3. an interpretation of what was experienced, a mental concept, knowledge,
  4. and also an experience, a «feel» of the conceptualised, what we call qualia, a manifestation – of something material, sensory impressions, emotions, thoughts etc.
Experiencing qualia (point 4) is again the same as experiencing something potentially unknown (point 2), which forms the basis for new concepts (point 3), which in turn must be experienced (point 4).

Points 2, 3 and 4 go in an infinite, repetitive loop where each interpretation is of higher emergent order than the previous one – as long as there is something new to experience.

The Experiencer's «feel» of the concept «time», i.e. the qualia time, must be precisely how you experience time. It is impossible to describe the content of this experience in words, just as it is impossible to fully describe the feel of the concept of «yellow», for example.

We can compare a specific time (and thus also distance) with other times (and distances).

We can compare yellow with other colours.

We can describe these relationships, for example, that one time is shorter than another or that yellow is more or less similar to other colours. But we fail to put into words the experience of time and yellow in an absolute, isolated sense.

The Experiencer manages this – wordlessly.

All the qualia are conceptually indescribable in themselves because concepts and qualia are essentially different. Qualia can only be described conceptually relative to other qualia.

The mental concepts we create at an insane number and pace thus describe the relationship between the qualia, not the absolute experience.

Time is the explanation of the different distances between the points. Time is experienced as something extensive, something that has a before and after, something that was, is and will come, something elastic ... As I said, it is difficult to find words.