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12.8. A reversed, mental world

Remember that this explanation comes from physics and the other natural sciences. It's reductionism.

Our world is mental.

We do not cut the world to pieces.

We, on the other hand, start with pure being and examine what we can create, build up from nothing.

Our mental world is reversed compared to the physical. This fact is crucial, and we will meet it again several times.

In the physical sense, the world arose through a colossal blast of energy that originated from a point infinitely smaller than a pinhead, called a singularity.

All energy ever created and that will ever be created was present in this one moment.

For 13.8 billion years, energy has branched out and created everything. Along the way, it spread further and further away and became less densely distributed in all directions.

This is called entropy.

Seen from our home on Earth, it looks as if energy and particles are coming at us from this big bang, The Big Bang. In some places, energy and mass clump together into suns, and these do the same thing; throw energy at us.

The energy from the Sun, which originates from The Big Bang, drives all physical processes on Earth. It can be said that the Earth is a highly intricate mechanism for dissipating energy.

In our mental world, on the other hand, the picture is different. Everything is reversed.

The Experiencer imagines changes continuously.

Things crash into each other, fall, shatter, compress, dissolve, evaporate, freeze, lighten up, swing, slip, flutter, slide, explode, etc. Everywhere in nature, change happens continuously.

We can calculate precisely how these changes occur by introducing an aid, the concept of energy.

In the natural sciences, one knows that energy is not something in itself but only a tool for calculation. That is how the concept of energy was created – by us.

Therefore, energy, in essence, is change. Change is fundamental, and energy is only a measure of the degree of change. It is in the definition.

Our question is still unanswered.

What causes change?

Physics says energy – but energy is derived from the exact change that energy is supposed to cause. We go again in a circle. Already here, materialism is collapsing as an explanatory model.

In a mental world, it's easier.

All that is required is that we imagine a change. It is created in consciousness and registered by The Experiencer, the origin of consciousness.


It sounds weird.

We are conscious, and we imagine everything possible. But are we creating the whole world inside our own consciousness?