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Summary of the theory:

10.11. The interaction and the Collective

When both «you» and the world are the experience of abstract ideas and nothing material, how can we then experience and walk around in the same «world»?

I claim that there is no material, shared reality. When you see asphalt, grass, trees and birds, they are only mental constructions, i.e. something you conceive of in your consciousness that you experience as material, physical, tangible, perceptible.

Through your experienced brain, you experience that there are sensory impressions, which are also mental conceptions that are experienced; such as light, sound, taste, smell and touch – which in turn are interpreted to come from something outside your body and thus experienced as objects in an external world.

You generate reality through the brain, which in itself is a generated experience. The brain does not think by itself, but we think through the brain.

In a mental world, cause and effect are the opposite of what we go around believing.

Everything is conceptions, abstractions that are experienced as qualia. The world is a mental interpretation. The abstract notions come; first, then the experience of them.

It must be so because conceptions are abstractions, and it takes no time to abstract; it happens in the timeless and unlimited spirit – the Experiencer.

On the other hand, it takes time to experience qualia because all experience results from an unbroken chain of emergence and must also include the primordial experiences of space, time, mass, etc. Thus, the experience must come a little after the abstraction. Still, for us, this time difference is so tiny that we have neither perceived nor thought philosophically about it – until now.

This external, shared world we all walk around in and experience must thus have its origin in a common, mental, abstract notion that we all have access to.


The answer is simple. The abstraction «world» is in the consciousness of the Experiencer.

You, too, have immediate access to this abstract information because you are part of the Experiencer, as a leaf is part of and directly connected to the rest of the tree. Just as the leaf can «see» the tree around it, you can see the world around you.

Like the leaf, you also see «it all» from your perspective. Some of the leaves around you are close, and you can see them clearly. Others are far away and form a green, indefinable mass. Still other parts of the tree are invisible to you.

Remember that this «tree» is as big as the whole universe.

As a dissociated human being, you think you are a person, a main character. You can dissociate further into the roles of mother, project manager, etc., but the world does not disappear for you even if you dissociate.

The world is not lost on you when you drive a car and listen to music that takes almost all your attention. Almost, but not all. You always have knowledge of and experience the world around you, i.e. collective knowledge.

Why is it like that?

Your experience of «you» twists and turns, but the world is not part of this dissociation.

You experience the world as everyone else experiences the world, but on top of this experience, you spin your own fantasies. You create private notions about the world that distort the experience.

Are you following me?

You see the world like everyone else, but you see it with «your eyes» and your interpretation and distortion.

You thus wander around in a «mixed experience». Like everything else, this is governed by the laws of complexity. What you actually experience at any given time is determined by which attractor wins, i.e. which interpretation is most dominant, most convincing, most credible, most in line with everything else you know.

What you experience is also determined by what you choose to focus on – your private interpretation or the Collective. You can override the Collective and therefore have free will.

Yet you are not as free as you think. You almost always think, experience and do what the dynamics of the Collective dictate, but you experience it as if it is yourself who acts.

You think you are free, but your interactions with the environment push and pull you here and there, making you make your choices, and act or not.

Most of your life is deterministically governed by the laws of complexity without you reflecting on it.

Still, you do have free will. Most of your choices are subject to the collective dynamics, but you also have an inner complexity dynamic that is governed by your Ego. You are an extension of the Experiencer.

Put another way; You have your private thoughts and experiences that control the choices you make, sometimes more than the environment influences you.

Now comes something spooky because all your private conceptions and experiences are also available in the Collective. It goes both ways!

Your thoughts and ideas interfere with the dynamic play of the collective consciousness and «fight» for dominance with everyone else's thoughts and ideas. The laws of complexity govern which notions become dominant attractors in this cooperative, mental landscape we experience as our shared, external world.

You are like a marionette, a puppet attached with invisible threads and controlled by the notions in the Collective; at the same time as you have free will and can wave your arms and legs, go here and there, think and say strange things – but all within the limits that the threads provide.

When you die, that is also a notion and an experience. But there is no longer much to register. You are now a lifeless body in an intensive care unit. That's not much of an experience. The dissociation ends. Your focus shifts away, retreating to where it was before the dissociation began – before you were born.

You are experiencing a colossal expansion of perspective. You are back in the Collective realm – first at the same time and in the same place, but that changes quickly. You may not understand that you are dead but notice that you can still be where you are, just without a visible body.

That is a ghost.

Sooner or later, you let go and allow yourself to slip into the Collective. Here it is bright, friendly, peaceful, etc. – as it is when the Ego no longer exists.

It is an entirely intuitive experience – but it is abstract, as intuitive experiences are in their origin.

You do not experience any qualia. No wind in the hair, no physical body with mass, no visual impressions, smells, etc. But you have thoughts; because thoughts are the experience, the qualia, of abstract notions.

It takes a dissociation to experience something as «real» because you must not only think but also believe entirely in what you imagine. If you think you are something else, it does not help. You have to go in and be that which is conceived; only then can you experience it as something real.

Then a reincarnation takes place.

Without this total surrender to a notion of being something, it just does not happen because then you experience that you, in reality, are something else, a soul in «Heaven», the Collective. You cannot be two things at once.

From a perspective in the Collective, one has – probably, in my opinion – full knowledge of everything possible, an opportunity to go mentally into anything. However, you will most likely not choose to fly over to another planet or ten thousand years into the future because you still remember who you are and where you are.

In the life you left, you suffered a lot of psychological trauma and had many unsolved riddles and projects, which, in a spiritual context, is called karma.

Karma means that we continue to fix after we are dead. There is so much we have not understood in our life, so much we want to learn, achieve or repair – that we are looking for an opportunity for just this – in our next life. All people are born with a task. We are here to learn, or more accurately; experience.

Then the question is how enlightened you are and how much you have learned. Do you understand that a new reincarnation will only be more of the same?

From your new helicopter perspective as «dead», you have knowledge of the likely life course of new creatures on the way. You realise that being one of these can allow you to grow more, learn more, solve your problems – or it simply looks fun!

The collective dynamic is deterministic, but you cannot know precisely what your new life will be because you must also make your own choices, which will affect the Collective and lead to further consequences.

Your new life is a game of chance, but you risk it because you have not yet understood that there is an alternative – to step out of the circle and let yourself dissolve into eternal peace. You still have not understood the depth of the word forgiveness – to walk away from the suffering.

Nirvana is waiting, but you are not ready, have too many wishes, have so much undone, so much longing – that you get curiously carried away and dissociate again.