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Summary of the theory:

10.4. The abstract Pattern

These distances that make spacetime are not all the same. The first two or three distances were equal, but then the geometry itself created accumulations and a pattern emerged.

This book project is without a budget, so you must make do with a home-made illustration constructed with Q-tips and glue:

Since the Pattern is tiny variations in spacetime, this also occurred immediately and exists everywhere. It is pure knowledge, pure abstraction, just as your personal knowledge is pure abstraction.

The Pattern is eternally available knowledge of space, time and variations, i.e. changes in the spacetime pattern determined by the first distance that was conceptualised.

Change is the same as energy, because energy is defined in physics as the ability to create change, which will be explained in-depth.

In this new theory of idealistic emergence, cause and effect are reversed compared to the traditional understanding in physics; I propose that thoughts come first, and the conceptualisation and perception of everything else come after that. The variations in the Pattern can thus be understood as free (available) energy.

The Pattern has no limits; as little as you can take your own knowledge and put it in a box, separate from other knowledge. Knowledge is present forever and unlimited. It just is.
  • Your knowledge simply is – for you.
  • The Experiencer's knowledge simply is – for the Experiencer.
For now, we see everything from the global perspective of the universal, the one, the Experiencer.

The Experiencer now has an unlimited, timeless, placeless knowledge of an immensely complex Pattern present globally. That is what in physics is called a «field», which is the natural sciences' answer to what the world is in essence.

The Pattern is what constitutes the fundamental field in Quantum Field Theory (QFT) and creates the experience of the quantum fluctuations and zero-point energy.