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2.4. A sharp distinction

We often think that knowledge is one thing. We imagine that the brain receives impressions from outside, grinds the information, compares it with previous knowledge, analyses what is likely to happen next – and delivers the result back to the awake (or sleeping) consciousness.

I will post another explanation later.

Consciousness is all that exists. The brain itself is a notion. The processing that the brain performs is a notion. The world outside the brain is a notion. The thoughts that come out of this are also part of your individual notions; about yourself, your brain, your body and the world.

That is what I call analytical insight – «ordinary» knowledge.

It has a characteristic; it is directed outwards.

It's about how you should react to things that seem to be coming towards you, outside the point where you experience that your consciousness is, that is, in the middle of your head.

Analytical insight comes from Ego.

Ego is the word used in spiritual circles to describe precisely this phenomenon, this state. In spiritual and religious thinking, that's old news. Ego is your notion of yourself and a world outside. That's why I, from now on, will use Ego with a capital E, because we're talking about you, the one who is your name, your primary role.

There is something more.

I shall slightly anticipate what comes later in the book.

Our personal Ego is a «wave top» of consciousness on a «sea» of universal consciousness.

The universal consciousness is in all of us, «below» or «behind» or «in addition to» (there are no words for this) our private notions. It is identical to our consciousness; only the content is different.

It is a waking state of perceiving and experiencing.

It is the only consciousness that exists and the only thing that exists at all.

This universal, one consciousness of which you are an integral part, also possesses knowledge. It, too, is an ego, but it is a universal ego – the Ego of whatever it may be from which this Ego arises. The awake, active, eternal state. Love, energy, Source, God ...

The Experiencer.

I have given this one, eternal existence my name, «the Experiencer».

So what is intuition?

Intuition is, in my opinion, universal knowledge that is in the universal consciousness that is present «one floor above» (as I said, there are no words) your personal Ego.

This knowledge is «whole». It does not come in wide varieties. It is one.

This universal knowledge has precisely the properties that we have framed. It is immediate, can not be controlled by our personal Ego, and demands peace through that we have our focus directed towards the inner instead of the outer world. It is foreign to logic (because there are no alternative interpretations), and not least, it is «tacit».