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17. Out of the fog

Was the previous chapter challenging to comprehend?

Do not despair; rather, be proud of yourself because what you just read was a description of the essential phases of The Big Bang, the very creation of an entire universe.

It's not a trifle. It is complicated.

Out of the mist, all things emerge. A world is woven. I'm not going to go through all the phases and epochs. Instead, we will see which mechanisms drive the development.

Why? Do we not already know these mechanisms well? Isn't it mostly gravity and energy that shape the universe?

Yes, that is correct, but there is a higher understanding, such as something we could call «mental gravity», which I have already referred to as attractors.

These are ideas, principles, interpretations, abstractions.

In our theory of idealistic emergence, the world is a mental construct. The experienced physical gravity is a notion in the Experiencer.

We will now look at the mental rules that govern the formation of notions. Not how the imagined, such as gravity and energy, work.

We shall now consider the abstract level above physics.